In this season so dear,

Since the time of ‘Midnight Clear’,

We celebrate Jesus setting us free,

By lighting a Christian Christmas tree.


But sometimes this time turns,

From joy,

To a pain which burns.

Such a  thing of beauty,

Can it be,

That it grows into a crying Christmas tree?


We look upon this tree in praise,

But whose star is it that we raise?

Remember to keep Jesus in this time,

Don’t replace Him with some ‘Xmas’ chime.


Lift your voice to God above,

Recognizing His gift of love;

Then the tree created by God so dear,

Will have no need to shed a tear.


In this festive Holiday,

Lift up Jesus in every way,

Then declare his blessings as you see,

The true gift,

of a Christian Christmas tree.


A Crying Christmas Tree by Ronhales                                                                                                            Ecclesiastes 5:19

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