A   B A R N 




Places where we stay, are they called houses or homes?

If houses, there are so many, some even with domes!

Isn’t a home where we live and raise a family?

Yet, it is in the house where we sleep and watch T.V.


It is confusing sometimes to know this or that,

Is it a house or a home where I hang my hat?

I suppose this question is trivial to some,

But is it into a house or a home where friends are welcome?


If it’s only in houses we live, what of other places too?

For homes in apartments are plenty, but castles are few.

Some houses are called manufactured homes to live in,

Then there’s mobile homes called trailers that you can take to see your kin.


Condos abound on golf courses and putting greens,

Yachts are homes on the seas, if within your means.

Some folk find home anywhere they can spin a yarn,

But as far as I’m concerned, I could live in a barn.


A barn has all the comforts to make it a home,

With walls and ceilings it’s just like palaces of Rome.

The cow and the donkey are always close to me,

They guard, watch, and give warning with a ‘Haw’ or a ‘Hee’,


A bed and pillow made from harvested straw,

Is all I need to complete this picture I draw.

To have a home, most people expect a lot of frills and charm,

But I’m comfortable to just live in a barn.


On that night long ago, the shepherds were first to hear,

A Savior was born for them, on this midnight clear!

In a place with straw, in a manger He was sleeping,

As into His house, believers came worshipping and weeping.


This child, they knew, as I do now, was the world’s new start,

For unto me He was born, and made a home in my heart.

Jesus removed me from the house made of this world’s harm,

And showed me that One greater than all, once lived in a barn.


A Barn by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                                           2 Corinthians 5:8

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